About Jack Vish

Hi I’m Jack vish singer turned into Entrepreneur, and Founder of JKv Network, I know that I have come into this world with a clear purpose and mission. Do you know what is yours?

I’m on Mission To help 10,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom. That’s the next achievement should be to provide value to the people in the society because the present mindset cannot fulfill the need of the future.

My Mision

My mission is to develop an entrepreneurial mindset education system that prepares people for the 21st century.  I believe that the current education system needs to be more relevant, advanced, because this current mindset cannot fulfill the needs of the future.

My Vision

My vision to build a global community of entrepreneurs who can become a global leader in their skills, knowledge with implements and create a business that is your passion and you love and influence the world with your passion